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Looking for a place to stay while in the Webster, South Dakota area?  We have renovated existing facilities on our farm to accomodate nature lovers such as ourselves.  We are located directly south and within sight of Lynn Lake.  As our guests, you will have access to your own private picnic area overlooking fields of wildflowers and nesting areas for waterfowl and pheasants.  This is a peaceful retreat from your busy routine, giving new meaning to the phrase...off the beaten path...

*ATTENTION!! We are so far "off the beaten path, tucked away, busy being one with nature, etc..." that the online mapquest and GPS directions don't always direct you correctly. Please follow the directions on our contact page, in our brochure, or give us a call. Thank you!

Our grandson Sean and his 1st Muskie (our 1st Muskie off Lynn, too!)

"Lynn Lake Lodge"

I've discovered a treasure I've shared with a few,
It's nothing shiny, fancy or sparkling new.
This isn't an object to have or to hold.
It's an outdoor escape that never grows old.

Leave your problems, politics and the daily grind,
I found a spot in the country, a great place to unwind.
So slip away with me, and you will see
I have found a retreat near Webster, South Dakota,
I'm sure you'll agree.

Picture a place where hundreds of ducks and geese fly,
Clouds of all shapes float against a crystal blue sky.
Years of much rain and snow have overtaken the land,
Islands replaced where many vacant farmsteads now stand.
Great schools of fish swim, where farm crops once grew.
The valleys are filled with multiple lakes and large sloughs.

Fishermen and hunters travel from far and near,
For the area abounds in pheasants, waterfowl, and deer.
Herons and Pelicans fish, with their specialized bills.
You'll see an old country church humbly perched on a distant hill.

Crowing pheasants announce each morning of new.
Neither trees nor buildings will obstruct your eyes' view.
Practically all the days in Webster are warmed by the sun.
Most end with beautiful "Sky Paintings", when the day is done.

If you're an Outdoorsmen, need a little solitude,
Or just need to "Get out of Dodge",
Take a trip to see Paul and Karen Johnson,
You'll be glad you had a stay at Lynn Lake Lodge.

By Michael Hokanson

La Bella Vita LLC of Webster now offers massages at Lynn Lake Lodge!  Check out our 'Other Services' page for details.

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